Art in Progress…

Art In Progress…

I’m an artist, not a techno person – so the last 3 days have been torture. Instead of spending time in my studio I was fighting with my new video camera (a Panasonic) that shoots video in .MOD format – a type of file not recognized by most editing software, including Windows Movie Maker. I say “most” software, because I read somewhere that Adobe Premiere might work – but who knows… I don’t have that software and I don’t feel like forking out more Euros for something that may or may not do the job.

It seemed impossible to me that a respected brand like Panasonic would use a format like .MOD – especially when there are so many other formats being used these days. Some web research revealed that Sony and JVC also use this mega frustrating file format. But after all that research I still don’t understand why.

In the end I used the rinky dink bare bones software that came with the video camera (VideoCam Suite 2.0) as it was my only option. I had no other way of pasting together the clips, and no other way of changing the format into something YouTube would recognize.

You can change the file format manually from .MOD to something like .AVI but Windows Movie Maker didn’t want to save any of my manually modified files (that was really frustrating after spending time editing). I also noticed that the video sized changed from its original 16×9 to a squished up 4×3.

The whole time I was going through this unpleasant process I vowed that if I ever succeeded in creating an edited video for YouTube with my Panasonic video camera I would post how I did it. I didn’t want anyone else to go through the same torture.

I wish I had more information to share – in the end I didn’t really resolve anything. I guess I should have kept painting and spent less time worrying about making cool videos with nice editing software.

Five hours left till the clock strikes midnight – after that I go back to being an artist. But if anyone has anything to share on this .MOD topic, please do post below. There must be an answer out there somewhere….


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