There’s no place like home!


The amazing view from my balcony in Italy.  Thank God my landlord didn’t factor this stunning panorama into my rent…

I’m in the tiny village of Oneta (something like 600 people) until October – then headed back to Balaka, Malawi and my “real life”.   Spending seven months in Europe was quite a shock after 9 years in Malawi.  I had been to Oneta on short vacations (staying with my husband Andrea’s family) but never for such a long period of time – and of course, having your own apartment is an entirely different experience.  There was the language to learn, the culture to understand, and a series of painting to create…

I can get by with Italian now,  I should study more (the verbs! the verbs!) but being conversational was my goal – not sounding like a native.  The culture is endlessly fascinating once you get past the “tourist” phase and can understand what the people are talking about.   And painting – it’s hard not to be inspired by all this beauty, art and history.

But in the end, home is Malawi – and I’m looking forward to going back.  It takes being away from something to appreciate how much it means to you – and that certainly happened to me on this 7 month “Out of Africa” experience.

At home in Balaka, Malawi


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