Using Sand in Acrylic Paintings

Texture is a major element in my paintings.  One of the ways  I achieve texture is by using sand.

In Italy I use a brand of sand “made” specifically for artists;  Fratazzato Tipo “Venezia” Grana F ine – Bianco. I won’t be able to take this product back to Malawi in my suitcase – it’s far too heavy, and I use tons of it.  Instead, I’ll have to try mixing Lake Malawi sand with white paint.

A great thing about being an artist in two different places is that it forces you to stay inventive!  There’s no danger of getting stuck in an artistic rut when you’re constantly looking for new ways to do things.   (That’s me looking at the bright side of life.)

In this video you can see me using sand in one of my paintings.


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